Date: November 24, 2023 Time: 8pm Duration: 70 min City: Ghent Location: Minard Theme: Music

“With artist J.A. Jayant and mridangam artist Akshay Anantapadmanabhan, Carnatic music meets the music of Loup Barrow to become something truly frenetic, strange and wonderful.” – RollingStone 2023

Crystal Winds is a surprising collaboration between 3 excellent musicians, in a unique line-up of Bansuri (flute), Mridangam (percussion) and Cristal Baschet (polyphonic musical instrument from 1952). Whereas the Cristal Baschet’s atmospheric sound is reminiscent of soundscapes from Western movies, the Bansuri flutes express a meditative and typically Indian timbre. The rousing textures of the percussion bring it all together to a rhythmic climax. This year, Crystal Winds will perform in Europe for the first time. During Indialogue, the ensemble will present their brand new music to the Belgian public.

Bansuri (flute): J.A. Jayant (Chennai, India)
Mridangam (percussion): K. Sai Giridhar (Chennai, India)
Cristal Baschet (polyphonic instrument): Loup Barrow (Paris, France)

Copyright picture: Jean François Mousseau

After the performance there will be a discussion with a moderator and the artists of Crystal Winds.

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